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San Marin Animal Hospital provides comprehensive and knowledgeable solutions for most surgical needs for your pet. Doctors Bennett, Williams and Reardon are very skilled and experienced with many different surgical procedures.

Procedures include all routine “soft” tissue surgeries such as spays, neuters, and skin mass removals, most abdominal and many orthopedic surgeries including fracture and ligament repairs. For more advanced surgeries, we use the services of local mobile specialty surgeons who have decades of experience with more complicated cases.

Like all of our dental procedures, surgery requires general anesthesia. We use the most advanced anesthetic agents available and a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) is dedicated to monitoring your animal constantly while under anesthesia. Along with pre-anesthetic tests to evaluate your animal, we minimize the risks associated with general anesthetic experiences.

General anesthetic procedures require your animal to fast overnight, no breakfast, and a morning drop-off typically between 8-9 AM. Most animals have recovered from anesthesia and are ready to go home after 3 PM the same day.

We do not hospitalize animals overnight at San Marin Animal Hospital (SMAH). In the unlikely event that further monitoring or pain management is required for your pet in a hospital setting, you will be referred to one of the 24-hour emergency hospitals in the area.