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Technician Appointment

SMAH offers technician appointments with no office charge for our clients if your animal is healthy and has been examined by one of our staff veterinarians within one year.  These appointments can be used for updating vaccines, nail trims, anal gland expression, teeth brushing, and other minor procedures.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance and are available every working day, including Saturday.  After arrival and check-in, a technician will take your pet to the treatment area and perform the requested procedures.  You will only be charged for these procedures and not the technician’s time.

Please remember these appointments are for healthy animals only. If your pet is having a medical issue that you need to discuss or have a veterinarian perform an exam, you will need to make a regular appointment.

Lastly, our technician appointments are extremely popular and limited. They fill quickly and may not be available at the last minute. Please plan ahead and do your best to keep your appointment once scheduled.