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Wellness Exam

Our hospital is a strong believer in the benefit of an annual exam for your pet. Even though your pet may appear healthy at home, abnormalities can be discovered and helpful advice given during this exam.

In addition, the state of California requires us to have examined your pet within one year to dispense prescription medications. This visit will begin by our RVTs and veterinarians getting a thorough history of how your pet has been doing in the last year. Our review will include questions about diet, appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, energy level, and preventative medicine use (flea, tick, and heartworm).

The veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam checking all the major organ systems including heart, lungs, skin, eyes, ears, and teeth. Recommended vaccines for your pet’s lifestyle will be discussed and updated if necessary. Most importantly, any questions you have about your pet’s behavior or health will be answered.

If your animal is over eight, the veterinarian may recommend screening tests of your pet’s blood, urine, and radiographs of the chest. These would be especially important if anything abnormal is found in the history or physical exam. Any recommended prescriptions will be filled and dispensed from our pharmacy.